A watch needs servicing regularly to maintain its function, appearance and value, especially if it has an automatic movement. How and when this should be done depends on the watch you own, but this is usually between three and five years based on the watch manufacturer's recommendations and how often you wear it. A full overhaul service essentially involves dismantling the watch into its constituent parts and then reassembling it.


To service mechanical and automatic watches, we follow a very careful stepped process to ensure nothing is left to chance. We always look after every timepiece and keep you up to date on each stage of its repair or service journey.

  • Step 1. Check the case, the bracelet or the strap
  • Step 2. Detach the bracelet from the watch case, open the watch case and remove the stem and crown, seals and mechanism
  • Step 3. Reset the stem and crown and check the winding mechanism
  • Step 4. Check the working of the hands, calendar and automatic work if fitted
  • Step 5. Inspect the escapement and adjust as required
  • Step 6. Complete disassembly and inspection of the mechanism and component parts
  • Step 7. Replace any worn parts
  • Step 8. Clean all parts in specialist chemical baths using automated cleaning machines
  • Step 9. Reassemble movement, checking and making fine adjustments according to the brand specifications
  • Step 10. Lubricate the mechanism using 4/5 fine oils and greases, and re-check escapement
  • Step 11. De-magnetise, regulate and check the timing of the movement to the brand standards using special Swiss timing equipment
  • Step 12. Refit the dial and hands
  • Step 13. Ultrasonically clean the case and bracelet
  • Step 14. Replace case seals where appropriate and refit the movement to the case
  • Step 15. Check timekeeping again and adjust if required using timing equipment

We then test the watch on a wrist simulator to check the automatic winding system for between 3 and 4½ hours. The watch is then tested statically for 24 hours, dial down, and the rate checked, until the power has run down in the dial up position to check the power reserve.

Our final inspection by the watchmaker is critical before we return the watch to you. Our service is guaranteed for 12 or 24 months depending on the brand.